How we make things.

Let us take you with us to a very special neighbourhood in Barcelona called Gracia, where the French electronic music producer Golden Bug has kindly invited us to visit his home studio flat. 

Located on the top floor of an old building dated from the beginning of the 20th century, Antoine Harispuru has found the perfect spot where to make music. In the open kitchen living room, next to a quiet terrace decorated with plants and cactuses, he has set his Compact 88 music desk with his beloved Akai MPC and his Tempest and Soma Pulsar drum machines.

Antoine has been making music the same way for the past 20 years, by using his Akai MPC as the centre of his setup, writing and programming beats, grooves and songs with its internal sequencer. Under the name Golden Bug he has released countless EPs, LPs and remixes on record labels like Gomma, Les Disques De La Mort, Multi Culti, Höga Nord Rekords, Kompakt and on his own label, La Belle Records.

According to Antoine himself, La Belle Records is releasing "a combination of analogue goodness, space dubs, synthetic pop, opulent dancefloor rhythms, tribal grooves, and experimentations that creates a magical vibe & atmosphere." If you want to have a taste of what it could sound like, you can check their latest compilation called "One Night Stand Vol.3" with tracks from Tim Paris , Alan Braxe and Javerling amongst others.


“I’ve been looking for a table for my home studio for a long time, and when I found the Compact 88 it checked all the boxes in terms of ergonomic, finish and design.”


Golden Bug says the change to the new Audio Housing studio desk has been a game changer for his workflow, and the dual keyboard trays makes the setup streamlined and flexible. The Compact 88 music desk in vintage brown is a perfect match with the warm and cozy interior of his flat and offers him the ability to integrate his home recording studio in his living room and thus in his daily life. Whenever he needs them, all his production tools are at reach to improvise, sketch ideas and edit songs.

If you are not familiar Antoines music, go and check his last LP called "Piscolabis" with featurings from The Liminanas and Narumi Herisson .


 Video Soundtrack : "Colibri" coming from Golden Bug's last LP, Piscolabis.