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    While manufacturing our furniture we sometimes come across pieces of plywood with visible patches or other cosmetic defects that aren’t up to our normal standard. But as wood takes a long time to grow and is a valuable natural resource - we have decided to reuse these imperfect pieces in order to minimise the amount of material going to waste. 

    This Compact 88 in Vintage Brown finish features the following defect or cosmetic imperfections :

    a - visible knot in the leg beam

    b - two small cracks by the rear right edge of the lower tray

    Apart from the cosmetic defects documented, there is no other damage to this piece of furniture. It is completely new and unused, and just as carefully made, varnished and packaged as any of our other furniture. It is sold “as is” in its current state and available for immediate shipping (within 3 working days).

    Any extra accessories or products ordered will be shipped in a separate box as the outlet furniture is already packed and sealed. As with our other products we do not accept returns once shipped. Taxes and shipping costs are not included in the discounted price.

    For more information about the Compact 88 Music Production Desk please refer to the Compact 88 product page.

    Order and Shipping Info

    This listed furniture is packed and ready for immediate shipping.

    Once we ship your furniture we send you an email with the tracking number. The delivery takes about 3-7 days within Europe, and 1-2 weeks for shipments outside of Europe. We work directly with UPS and FedEx and all shipments include full insurance.

    Click on the link for more detailed information and all our terms and conditions.

    Cancelation Policy

    Once we have shipped your furniture we do not accept returns.

    Please double check that the equipment you plan to use with the desk fits within the measurements given at the bottom of the product page. If you have any doubt contact us via email for further information.

    Click on the link for more detailed information and all our terms and conditions.

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